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We are experts at bringing web applications back from the brink; from apps that never quite fit your needs, to apps that were outsourced and have never worked rights, all the way up to apps that are simply outdated. Comal Saves Apps

Sometimes, an application has to be rewritten; but in most cases we can avoid that pain and suffering. We evaluate your app based on code quality and the ability to improve and maintain it.

We'll recommend a course of action that protects your business's app in the short term and long term. After we've saved your app, we'll keep it healthy.

We work with organizations agile enough to still know each other and make a positive impact socially, valuing collaboration, and being invested in maximizing returns on investment.

Who Comal is NOT for: Large companies that dictate terms and don’t collaborate, or Companies looking for the lowest price.

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Don't Take My Word For It

We consulted with Jesse at the initial phase of Camperoo; his expertise on the best way forward enabled us to focus on features our users cared about. Our system is awesome and helps us connect parents and camps in a painless way; it's fast, we love adding features, and we are confident in our architecture. I recommend him for your Rails projects.

Javid Jamae CTO, Camperoo.com

Jesse prototyped the initial Whimseybox subscription application on time and on budget. He was supremely helpful in developing the scope of the project as I had little/no experience with what I was asking to have done. In addition, after the project was complete he continued to provide great support anytime I or my CTO had questions. Jesse is exactly the kind of person I like to work with - super smart, a great communicator and also really friendly. I highly recommend him.

Alicia DiRago Founder Whimseybox.com

I have worked with multiple Ruby developers. Jesse is the most responsive, the quickest, and the most professional. I highly recommend him for your Ruby on Rails development needs.

Stacey Burke Attorney/Owner

Comal upgraded our aging architecture and test suite and trained our team; he enabled us to focus on features that matter to our business. Our system is faster and reliable, and we are confident in our architecture.

Gordon Wu CEO BagTheWeb.com

The Principles


Jesse Wolgamott

Jesse has been a consultant using open source software stack since 2009 and is an open source developer and contributor. Jesse has taught devs, is an author, developer, and badass consultant.

Jesse teaches software at The Iron Yard, runs HoustonRuby and EmberJS Houston, has given many conference talks. Jesse created Ruby Off Rails, wrote AngularJS+Rails, and is publishing Tex Mex Consulting.

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