From Idea to MVP

What if you could hire a CTO, instead of just another developer?

Turning Entrepreneurs into Badass Bootstrappers, one MVP at a time.

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The Idea Haunts You...

People would tell all their friends about it, they would love it so much, if it were real, you’re sure of it. The idea haunts you, butting in to your thoughts and daydreams, leaving room for little else. The excitement flickers in a corner of your mind, begging to be let out. Only, you have a career to worry about, and you don’t have the technical chops to create your MVP anyway.

Your Product: Viable and Valuable

What if you had a plethora of feedback from real customers that used and loved your product? You could invest more money into the product, disrupting competitors and taking market share, point by point. Eventually, you’ll pocket money away for more products, as you build an empire of applications — your salary becoming optional.

From Idea to MVP

I’m Jesse Wolgamott, and I create products. I build your idea into a Minimum Viable Product — the essence of your idea distilled into a usable and testable experiment. You’ll use this initial version of the idea to beta test with real users, accepting real money for the product, and have the knowledge to decide if your product is ready to go to the next level. More importantly, you reduce risk if your research is wrong: early feedback can prevent a disaster.

"I have one goal: To take your product from an idea to a minimum viable product."
— Jesse Wolgamott

From Idea to MVP: How To Guide

You're embarking on a journey, and need technical advice and talent to avoid wasting time and money.

Inspiration and Research

Audience Research

Based on your ideal customer, research into their gathering places online and their current pain points.

Feasability Analysis

When you're ready to scale up and employ developers, get advice or interviewing help.

Competitor Information

Most ideas have competitors, you need to know how to differentiate.

Working Wireframe

First Cuts

With a better idea of what makes sense, and what doesn't, we cut approximately 25% of the app to focus on the awesome.


Creating the first visual representation of the idea

Behaviorial Trials

Your wireframes get behavior added; even when faked out, can be surprisingly awesome in showing your intent for the app.

Product Build Out

Multi-Platform and Multi-Device

Be selective about which platforms you embrace, and which you watch. My solutions look at your potential clients to select a platform strategy.

Product Build Out

After cutting down to the essentials, we use the Wireframes to build a real product.


While the hard work is just beginning, as it launches you can start gathering feedback.

Agencies hate my disruptive pricing model for Bootstrappers.

My Pricing Model Works

Don't Take My Word For It

We consulted with Jesse at the initial phase of Camperoo; his expertise on the best way forward enabled us to focus on features our users cared about. Our system is awesome and helps us connect parents and camps in a painless way; it's fast, we love adding features, and we are confident in our architecture. I recommend him for your Rails projects.

Javid Jamae CTO,

Jesse prototyped the initial Whimseybox subscription application on time and on budget. He was supremely helpful in developing the scope of the project as I had little/no experience with what I was asking to have done. In addition, after the project was complete he continued to provide great support anytime I or my CTO had questions. Jesse is exactly the kind of person I like to work with - super smart, a great communicator and also really friendly. I highly recommend him.

Alicia DiRago Founder

I have worked with multiple Ruby developers. Jesse is the most responsive, the quickest, and the most professional. I highly recommend him for your Ruby on Rails development needs.

Stacey Burke Attorney/Owner

Comal upgraded our aging architecture and test suite and trained our team; he enabled us to focus on features that matter to our business. Our system is faster and reliable, and we are confident in our architecture.

Gordon Wu CEO

Let’s Talk About Your MVP

I love talking with founders about their startup plans. If you have questions, and want an honest, no-strings-attached chat with a developer who understands business, I have some time coming up next week. Fill out the form below, and we can pencil in a time to talk to see if there’s a fit.

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