Your Pricing Model Sucks For Bootstrappers

Stretch Pricing Goals

You’re an Entreprenuer. You have an idea, and want to bring it to life. You’ve done your research, and have even consulted with your Small Business Council. And, armed with this information, you even start looking around for a technical co-founder. This predictably fails, leading you into the arms of an Agency.

The Agency looks at your plans, decides they are great and want to be in business. Only, it will cost $50,000 - $150,000 to get started. You are woo’ed. And, you consider cashing in your 401(k) for this idea.

There is a better way

Your idea is to bootstrap the product, right? So why would you lay down the at least the entire cost of development first?

Introducing Stretch Pricing

Instead of requiring the entire development fees before the idea launches, we stretch the costs out over a 6-12 month period. What’s great about this, is you can keep working at your job to make money while you build your business.

The salary pays for the initial development, but you still get the MVP in 2 months.

Example Numbers

A MVP for a typical web application normally costs $12,000 $30,000, centering around either $20,000.

Usual Agency Approach - $20,000 MVP * May 1: $10,000 Payment * July 1: $10,000 Payment * August 1: $3,000 Overages

Comal Stretch Pricing Model - $20,000 MVP * May 1 through April 1: $1,750

But, this is a real thing, and exactly what Bootstrapping Entreprenuers need, but rarely get. World class products, creating a tightly crafted and artisan modeled MVP, with a monthly financing model you can live with.

“WOAH you understand what its like. YOU ARE THE KING OF CASH FLOW”

Let’s Talk About Your MVP

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